Driving Tour

One of my favorite roads in Tijuana is called Paseo de los Heroes (Road of the Heroes).  It is my favorite road because it is made of several roundabouts with statues or monuments in the center. 

If you were to drive down Paseo de los Heroes from the border heading east, this is the order in which you would see the monuments/statues.  The first one, I have been told represents the relationship between San Diego and Tijuana.  We call it the scissors monument.

This is a statue of Cuauhtemoc.  He was an Aztec emperor who fought against the Spanish.

This is Abraham Lincoln.  The statue was a gift from the United States, and in return, Mexico gave them a statue of President Benito Juarez (located in Balboa Park in San Diego).

This last statue is General Ignacio Zaragoza.  He led the Mexican army against the French during the Battle of Puebla-which is celebrated every May 5th.  You know, Cinco de Mayo.

This is the last stop.  One of the first times we drove in Tijuana, I told Ben that my Spanish was improving so much that I was seeing signs in English. 
Before I knew my way around the city, it was comforting to know that if for some reason, I fell out of the car, I would be able way back to the consulate using these signs.  Always thinking ahead and planning for the worse case scenario.


Just US said...

Those are super cool statues! I would find them hard to drive by because I would want to look at them instead of paying attention to traffic! I love that they have an Abraham Lincoln statue. Crazy, crazy!

Emily said...

Looks like I'll never have to go to Tiajuana now that I've had this little driving tour.
JK I would totally want to visit you. :)
Cool post and neat to see the pics.

Daniela Swider said...

Lovely really. Looks like a beautiful place. Hope safety improves soon, so people can enjoy the beauty without fearing for their lives.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Just FYI, the statute is Cuauhtémoc (the last Aztec emperor) rather than Chapultepec (the hill in Mexico City where the Aztec emperors liked to hang out). :)

Emily said...

Anonymous-thank you for the correction. There is a section of town here in Tijuana called Chapultapec, and I confused the two. Thanks.

Becky said...

Yeah TJ is on our future post list for sure. looks great!