Feliz Navidad!

Our Christmas celebration this year was wonderful.  We enjoyed being together as a family.  I even made Christmas Eve dinner, complete with turkey and ham (thank you Harry and David).  It was absolutely delicious and fun to get all dressed up for a "fancy" dinner.    After dinner we opened our new pajamas and read Luke 2. 
We were all so excited that Santa was coming, that we put our pajamas on and went to bed early.  That also meant that everyone woke up early, but Christmas morning is so much more fun if the sun isn't awake yet.

One of the best parts was when we walked down the stairs, and the boys saw all of the presents under the tree.  They were so excited and couldn't wait to start opening each gift (which is part of the reason they saw presents under the tree for the first time on Christmas morning).  We would open each present and take time to look at it, open it (umm...some of the toys required a screw driver to open, a little over packaged in my opinion), and play with it before moving on to the next.

I think that the boys were happy with all of the gifts they received.  One of the funniest things was as we were opening presents, Jack figured out the difference between presents that looked like books and ones that looked like toys.  He started looking for the ones that he thought were toys.  I guess it starts young.  Speaking of gifts, Santa got the memo on time, so Jack got two Transformer toys. 
**Note to self (and to Santa)...no more Transformers, they are a pain to "transform".**

After we opened all of our gifts, our day was full of hot chocolate, playing and sweet treats.  We had a great day enjoying the spoils of the holiday. 


All dressed up (shoes optional)


All of these pictures of Thomas were taken within moments of each other.  Christmas drama at its best.

Merry Christmas to our family and friends.  We love you.