Yes, there are miracles.

Jack is currently being trained to not rely on diapers.  Yes he is. 

Miracles do happen.  I thought he would still be using diapers when he left for college.  Fortunately for Ben and I (and his future roommates), it will not be the case.  I am not kidding that I felt like I might be the most terrible mother in the world because my kid was still sporting the padded bum look. 
I won't go into any of the graphic details, but I will tell you that he is doing AMAZING.  He has not had many accidents, and this morning he woke up and immediately told Ben he needed to go.  I am glad we waited until he was ready.  Okay, I can admit this now (but I will deny if you ever mention it) perhaps he was ready earlier, but I wasn't.  It all works out in the end. 

Things that we are looking forward to when Jack is done with diapers:
  1. We won't have to change any more of his diapers. (Duh)
  2. Our monthly expenses will go down.
  3. We can leave him at the playzone at Ikea.
  4. I am We are getting a Wii.
  5. I get to sleep in on Saturday mornings (a deal made a long time ago between Ben and I which I fully intend to take advantage of).
  6. My diaper bag/purse can get smaller.
  7. Jack will feel better about himself because when he has to go into a public restroom, his business can be taken care of behind closed doors, not on a diaper changing table.
  8. Ben can take him to the bathroom.
We love our Jack and we are so proud of him.