Because sometimes life is awesome.

The last few weeks have been amazing for me.  Nothing spectacular has happened, I have just enjoyed a lot of really great days. 
Jack has been the source of a lot of my smiles and joy lately.  My favorite was when Jack was sitting in between Ben and me, he put his arms around us, and patted our backs.  After a minute, he looked at both of us, smiled, and moved his arms.  It was a small thing, but such a cute way to show affection. 

Then today I was able to participate in training that involved driving forwards and backwards at really high speeds, avoiding cones at high speeds, and making a split second decision at high speeds.  It was awesome!  I don't know that I am a better driver than I was before, but I certainly can take turns a lot faster! 
(Thank you friend for watching the kids.) 

Oh, and it was 70 degrees outside today.  Things are looking pretty good from where I am. 

Qualcomm Stadium (home of the San Diego Chargers)
Also where I learned about the true meaning of serpentine.