Vacation for three of the four of us.

Last week Ben had to travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for work.  The boys and I did not want Ben to be lonely, so we tagged along.  It was awesome!  Ben had to work most of the time, but the boys and I had a great time.  We went swimming for a few hours every day, and then we would go back to the hotel room to take a nap.  It was a great week.

Six things I learned in Cabo:
1. EVERYONE spoke English.  There were more Americans (probably some Canadians) in Cabo than anywhere I have been in Mexico.
2.  If we ever go to Cabo again, we will try to do an all-inclusive.  Our hotel was located between the two main towns and a taxi was between $20-25 each way.  Add in the cost of dinner, and it was an expensive night.  (It seemed that most of the hotels are located in between the two towns.)
3.  Cabo is the second most expensive city in Mexico. (After Mexico City)
4.  Jack made it the entire week with only one accident.  I would call that pretty much potty trained. (Yeah!!)
5.  The boys LOVE the water.  Even when it is overcast and only 72 degrees outside, they wanted to play in the pool.  I wasn't too thrilled about getting in the water, but the boys enjoyed every minute.
6.  I should always do what Ben does.  One day he wanted to go out to the ocean, but I didn't want to.  When he got back, he said that he saw a whale breaching.  The rest of the time I watched for whales, but never saw one.

We had an excellent time.  I hope Ben has to do work there again. 
Actually, I am hoping for Cancun, Mexico City, or Zihuatanejo.