Safari Park.

We went to the Safari Zoo Park, and we had a great time!  It is a bit of a drive, but totally worth it.  The park is much bigger than the traditional San Diego Zoo, but has more of a natural habitat feel. 

Thomas' favorite part was lunch, and Jack's favorite part was the foot massage chair.  He really lucked out when some kids put a quarter in, but had to leave with their group, so he got a free massage.  It made his day.

We ended the day with feeding some birds. Jack loved it, however, he had a hard time leaving because he didn't get to have a bird on his arm.  Oh well, next time.

 Some pictures of animals. 
The giraffes because they are my favorite.  The vulture because Jack acted as photographer on our safari tour, and this was the best one he took.

I know that I am totally biased, but Jack and Thomas are seriously cute. They are amazing boys, and they are so much fun. I am completely grateful for these two little guys.