Sympathy in its purest form.

I bought the most delicious treat the other day at Costco, a crème brulee torte. It was basically a crème brulee cheesecake, and it was so good.

I decided to have it with some friends, and since I am the only one that likes such sweets in my house, I gave them some on their way home. I kept a large piece for myself, and was waiting until the kids were asleep to indulge. That was my plan until Thomas reached up and grabbed the plate, and the yummy treat splattered on the floor. As in-there was a film of crème brulee and cheesecake over the entire kitchen floor. I couldn't even scrap up one bite.

I was so sad, and then in my moment of despair, Jack looked at me, and with all the emotion he could muster, said "Mom, that is tragic."

It really was.

Even though I lost my sweet treat, I am so glad that Jack saw the injustice of it all, and could feel my pain. What a sweet boy.