Breaking up isn't always hard to do.

This week was full of laptop frustrations.  I lived most of the week from my phone, which was difficult since I am taking three online classes.  It was rough.  We have officially broken-up with our former laptop.  Done.  Our relationship is OVER.

Our ex-laptop shut down several times last week with- including a dreaded blue screen.  One of the times it shut down was in the middle of an online discussion for one of the classes I am taking.  I almost cried.  It meant a lot of downtime from my classes that I just couldn't afford.

Since our computer shut down several times, and we had been talking about buying a new one for awhile (actually we started talking about it three years ago-two months after we bought our ex-laptop) we bought a new laptop.

Can you tell, my friends that I am blogging from a shiny new laptop?  It is so amazing, I am sure you can.

Even though we bought a new laptop, I still had to make up for lost time without the computer.  I had two saving moments- the first is one a friend took the kids for a few hours, and the second is that I took the kids to a indoor playground that had free wi-fi.  The kids played, I studied, and we were all happy.

After this week, we decided to all to take a day to unwind and relax by going to the beach.  We were all able to do what we love- Ben buried himself, I relaxed on the blanket, Jack ran back and forth from the water, and Thomas laid in the sand soaking in the sun.  We also all enjoyed "sandy"wiches.   It was such a great day.

Things are still rather crazy.  Summer semester is condensed into just over two months, so there are always due dates and always something to do.  The good thing is, I LOVE the classes I am taking.  It is such a great feeling to be learning and doing something that is 100% for me.  It is totally selfish and that is okay.  I deserve it.