Preparation: Driving.

This week I have been worrying thinking about the driving situation in Sri Lanka.  You see, when we arrive, we will have to learn to drive in the passenger seat, on the wrong left side of the road.
I am actually a little worried about this.  Not only for the fact that I will be disorientated inside the car, but I am pretty sure the traffic is going to be extremely intimidating.

I have thought of a couple of solutions to practice driving on the wrong right side of the car.

  1. Find an old mail truck. 
  2. Deck out our car with a driver ed's package.  (You know the one with the extra brake and accelerator?)

Obviously there are benefits and disadvantages to both.

The mail truck would be the most authentic experience, but I am not sure I could get car seats strapped in.  Although here in Tijuana, I don't think anyone would notice if I just let the boys play in the back.

Putting the driver's ed package in our car would help in getting orientated to controlling the car on the right side of the car.  However, since it is only the foot controls and no steering wheel, I don't know if that will be all that effective.

Even if I do manage to practice driving on the passenger side of the car, it does not help with driving on the left side of the road.

Do you see the dilemma?

Any suggestions?

The next thing on my to do list is to find out if I will be able to get my brows and 'stache waxed in Sri Lanka.  If not, I am not sure how to calculate how much wax I will need for two years, or the kind to buy.  I have tried to wax myself before, but I was never very successful.

Maybe they offer classes at the local beauty school.
Wow, I have a lot to do.


Camille said...

Is Sri Lanka one of those places where people can afford to get a driver? Because if it is, you're golden.

We are bringing a few tubs of wax to Djibouti, and I think I'll just get extra strips and stuff through the pouch if I need them ;)

jasonandjodie said...

I would be pretty intimidated with the driving as well. I'm sure you guys have some sort of racing game, yes? just set up your living room like a car and put yourself in the right seat and practice that way. (okay maybe not the practice you're looking for, but it'd be fun and I bet Jack and Thomas would love it too)
I'll have to figure out the kind of wax that works well (it is NOT the one I have now) that's pretty easy to use.

Z. Marie said...

You may want to check on the driver possibility Camille mentioned. But mostly I wouldn't worry too much about it. We had to drive on the "wrong" side of the road in Trinidad, and it was OK. (We also had our American car with us, though. Is that a possibility for you?)

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when we went to Bogota and it was actually the same side of the road as the US there. But, regardless I found the time while we waited for the car and the dip plates to be a good time to ride around with other people. By the time our car arrived I felt ready to jump in. Likewise I think you will find that you will become used to the different side.
I bet you can hire someone in Sri Lanka. Maybe even a couple of days a week so you can accomplish the basic stuff like the store.
I sure hope we cross paths some day because I think you and I worry, I mean plan in the same way! :)

Anja said...

I bet if you needed more wax if you end up having to do it yourself you could buy it online right? i don't know!

Brooke S. said...

Oh, I'm good we can make comments again. So many times I've wanted to say hello :)

All I can say is, good luck. We drive on the right side of the road/left side of the car here - but it may as well be the moon. A really congested, lawless moon. You just have to buckle yourself in and go for it. Good luck !

Liz said...

Awesome! Just awesome! The last little paragraph just made me giggle. Thanks, I needed that! LOL

Daniela Swider said...

We are going to New Delhi and the driving situation there is the same as in Sri Lanka. But we can't bring a car from the US anyway, so we decided that we'll have to hire a driver. Looking at the embassy newsletter it seems that they are not terribly expensive (about $200 a month), so it seems doable.

If you find a good wax let me know but in that part of the world threading is quite popular for facial hair, so you should be able to get that done and I bet it wouldn't be very expensive.

Lisonbee said...

easy as cousin. I even drive a manual on the other side of the car. we love it and it is a skill not everyone gets the chance to aquire. You will do fine. Just get an automatic and you are set!

Lisonbee said...

oh and always remember "keep your passenger to the curb" it helps.

Rebekah said...

I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD! My good friend lived in Malaysia for 2 years. She learned to drive on the "wrong" side very quickly! You'll be fine... :)