My Life in PIctures from Loved Ones.

Thank you everyone for sending wonderful pictures.  I have been blessed with amazing people in my life, and I am grateful for the love and friendship I have been blessed with.

My mom and me. 
My dad and me.

Going away party before we moved to Moscow.
Summer 1998

The next four pictures are from my Snow College Days, sent to me from Anja.
Anja was my first college roommate.

Lindsey, Anja and me.
I look kind of scary in this picture.

Me and Anja

Anja and me.

Nothing like traveling to go see a school basketball game.

These pictures are from my days as a missionary in Rochester, New York.  The first two pictures are from my good friend Ashley.

Missionary meeting in the Sacred Grove. 

The day I came home from my 18 month mission.

Family Christmas pajama picture- 2004

These next pictures were submitted by my dad.  I had never seen them before, and absolutely love 
We had a BBQ reception a few months after we got married, in Virginia.  We did not feel like getting dressed up again in the August heat, so we made it very casual.  
We didn't have wedding cake at our first reception, so we did the whole cake feeding thing.

Family Pictures, 2006

My grandpa's funeral in 2006.

Halloween Party 2008.  Some of my good friends from New Jersey.  I am the one in the red dress, red teeth and black wig.  My friend Melanie (who sent me this picture) is sitting next to me in the Olive Oyl costume.

This is the most creative picture.  One of my friends from New Jersey drew us in front of the church we went to.  We have both moved, but still keep in touch.
(Isn't this awesome?)

Thank you so much for sending in your pictures.  Just so you know, if you were thinking of sending pictures, but think it is too late- it is not.  I would love any pictures, at any time.


Lisonbee said...

what a fun way to welcome the dawning of a new age! I dont know if you have heard but 30 is the new 20!!

Anja said...

those were fun to look at! Boy I feel like it was yesterday that we were walking the streets of Ephriam trying to find something to do. I'm glad we got to do that together! Turning 30 isn't so bad, I'm ok now that it's over...lol!

Daniela Swider said...

What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday!!!

Rebekah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Know how much you are missed.

Jessica said...

So cute! I love all those pictures! When I can get my scanner working again I hope to be able to email you some. I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday and that you feel loved and appreciated. It is so nice to have cousins who are also friends. :)

Just US said...

What a great idea!!! I hope your birthday was fabulous!