I'm sewing. I'm a sewer. I'm sewing.

Remember "What About Bob?" and the "I'm Sailing" scene?

In continuing the attempt to find a hobby I love, I borrowed my friends sewing machine.

I wanted to start with something easy, so I made a pillow cover.  Actually I made two.  One yard of fabric, two pillows.

As I was sewing, I kept repeating in my mind, "I'm sewing.  I'm a sewer.  I'm sewing".

That, and when I first started using the sewing machine, I stuck out my tongue when I was concentrating. 

I don't think sewing is my thing, but it was fun.

I used this tutorial.
I bought the fabric at fabric.com and the pillow forms at Ikea.

Then feeling confident of my skills, I went for something a little more complex (I had to use pins).  For this project, I used this tutorial.
I haven't finished all the way, I still have to add a little button/embellishment.

I bought the ties and the cream colored shirt at a local thrift.  The second shirt I already owned.

Here are some pictures of me trying to take a picture of the shirt.

So cute.


Anja said...

Very cute! love that you are getting in touch with your "crafty" side! too bad we don't live closer, you could teach me about your sewing skills!

Camille said...

Look how talented you are! Good job.

Nomads By Nature said...

Rock on with your wild self!! I think you have discovered a hidden talent!

Liz said...

So cute! I love the fabric on the pillows, and the "tie shirts" are way cute! Well done!

Horgy said...

Em, it is perfectly fine not to have a crafty side, just look at me. Okay, maybe you do need one. You are very clever.

April Kennedy said...

Sew cute!! You little sewer you.

Becky said...

Good work! Those look great.

McKell said...

LOVE how the tie shirts turned out! You did such a good job :) So glad you enjoyed my tutorial. Come visit anytime!!


The Teeples Times said...

LOVE them!! So unique and cute! You ARE a sewer! I am pretty sure you are amazing at everything you try...I'm jealous! Way to go!

Daniela Swider said...

Awww, both your projects turned great! You are a sewer!!!

Rebekah said...

You are a sew-er!