A question of great importance.

Did I get your attention?  I hope so.  I need some help/advice.  

I bought some pants that fit me perfectly the other day, but they are the wrong color.  (Another thrift store find.) I want to wear them this fall/winter, but the pink color isn't right for that.  I have looked at the Rit Dye website to be inspired.  I just don't know what to do.

Since the pants are pink, my plan is to keep it in the pink/purple/orange family.  Any ideas?  All suggestions will be appreciated.

Now I give you the PINK Pants:


Tracy said...

Are you sure you don't want to leave them pink? I love them! I think a dark brown would be pretty too. Or you could bleach them.

April Kennedy said...

Red skinny jeans (like watermelon red/pink) are totally in. They would probably dye easily that color!

Anonymous said...

I would avoid using RIT dye, especially if those pants are mixed fibers at all. Check out Dharma Trading Company's website for some professional quality dyes. (Before the FS, I used to have a fabric arts hobby, it's not very portable though!)