The last two holidays Ben has had off, I have been sick.  (Today was a Mexican holiday- All Souls Day.)  The good part of Ben having off when I am sick is that he watches the boys so that I can rest.  The bad part is that we had awesome plans, and they were ruined by my lame-o immune system.

I was ready to have an exciting day when I was suddenly slammed by terrible aches, running nose, sore throat, and extreme lethargy.

I wanted to document that I did, in fact get dressed for the day before putting my pajamas back on and slipped back into bed.

In other news, this is Thomas' new favorite toy.  It is only one inch tall.  "Robot", as he is affectionately called, has been buried in sand, lost in the bottom of the toy box, and has been a pain in the butt to find every time Thomas loses it.  Thomas carries it everywhere, clenched in his hand.  
We hope that Thomas finds a new favorite toy, something significantly larger.


Liz said...

I have had the same thing happen to me when Dustin has been off. I am a firm believer that I was already sick, but knowing that I didn't have to be the only caregiver of the kids, and that I could actually "be sick" it made me body and brain lol finally give out.
Elijah has had some very small favorite toys before, and they are a pain in the butt! Hopefully Thomas will find a new big toy to be his favorite soon.

April Kennedy said...

ah I was hoping to see that outfit! sorry you were sick. we've been fighting stuff off and on here too and it is no fun.

Donna said...

Why do they always get attached to the toys that the dog can gulp down before you have a chance to rescue them???