Preparation: Not thinking about it.

Moving is hard.  No matter how many times you do it, there are always some challenges.  Not to mention leaving awesome friends, not knowing when you will see them again.

This move is no different.

In order to take my mind off the frustrations and the sadness, I find as many things I can to take my mind off moving.

This time I have several things:

  1. Christmas.  Nothing like buying more stuff to pack up to take my mind off of moving.
  2. Going on home leave.  We get about a month to go "home" and spend time with family and friends. This time, for part of our "leave", we get to go to Seattle to see my parents.  Neither Ben or I have been to the area, and we are so excited!
  3. On our road trip across the USA, we are going to be able to see my sister and her new baby!
  4. We have a few months of training, and we are going to try to make it up to New Jersey to see all of our Jersey friends.  That, and some time in NYC!
  5. This is the best one:  there is a good chance that we will be able to go to Paris on our way out to Sri Lanka!

Ben and I have wanted to go to Paris together since Jack and I went (without Ben- because he was in training).  Paris.  Even if just for a day, it is something to look forward too.  Even if we are all jet-lagged and tired.  Even if we only get a few hours.  That is all we need to go to a few spots, take some pictures and eat some good food.

Now if we can figure out a way to have a babysitter in Paris...

Pictures from the trip Jack and I took to Paris in 2007.  
We went with my parents, one brother, and two sisters.  
It was an awesome trip, and I am excited to go back.
(Can you believe how little Jack is? ) 

The great thing about looking forward to something is even if it doesn't work out the way I have it in my mind (which is almost certain), it is getting me through the next few weeks.  
For right now, that is what I need.


Anne said...

Glad you have some distractions to get your mind off of moving prep. I agree, it's hard!

We're planning our first R&R right now and because the flight schedules are a bit tricky we're spending a day in Paris on our way to Utah. I'm actually kind of dreading it. I'm secretly hoping that the weather is miserable and we're WAY to tired to actually go out and see the sites. I'm weird.

Emily said...

Perhaps email the Paris CLO to ask about babysitters?

I served in Sri Lanka on my previous tour and would be happy to pass along some guidebooks. (It's a local magazine series that highlights different sights - really helpful & interesting.) Please feel free to get in touch by email.