The two of us take Seattle.

Have I ever mentioned that my parents are fabulous?  
This weekend my mom (and my sister, Paige) watched the boys so Ben and I could get away for a few days.  It was fabulous, for the most part.  We had a few interesting moments, but overall, our weekend away was perfect.

The bad:
In a period of 24 hours, we were offered weed, watched a drug deal in plain sight, and walked out of a movie because someone thought it was better to watch a chick flick while smoking pot.  (Just so you know-- in the two years we lived in Tijuana, we never saw any drugs in person.)

The good:  
Seattle, you had me at Nordstrom.  Did you know Nordstrom started in Seattle as a shoe store?  There are Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom Rack stores on every corner, and I love it.  
Oh, and it is beautiful here.  I am a huge fan of the greenery and the water everywhere.  

We have a few more days here...any ideas of what we need to see?

Oh, and don't you love Ben's beard?  I think it makes him look AMAZINGLY MANLY.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to my city! :)