Underground. A little boring for you. Memories for me.

The is the view of a skylight from under the ground and on the sidewalk.  Very cool.

We went on a tour of Seattle, called "Seattle Underground".  It was fascinating.  For those of you not aware, Seattle was originally built several feet below what is now there.  The original city was apparently a big mess, and when a fire destroyed most of Seattle, it was rebuilt several feet above the original city.  There are remnants of the prior structures, and today we took a tour of it.

I was ready for anything.

This is the picture where I show off my wristband and my new watch.
 (Thank you Ben for an awesome Valentine's day.)
It also looks like I could be pointing at the guy in the plaid shirt.
Either way, great picture.

This is the place where there have been ghost sightings.  
Paige even downloaded an app that confirmed that.


Lisonbee said...

very cool I had no idea.

Liz said...

I love the view of the skylight! Very cool!

Cabatic Family said...

I love the pictures. That is a side of Seattle i've never seen. so fun!!!

The Teeples Times said...

Looks like your home leave is going well!! I am excited for you and your new adventure! I am right there with you....leaving friends is hard.