Luck of the Irish, Going Green, or Happy St. Patrick's Day.

We had an almost perfect St. Patrick's Day.
It started with taking Thomas to the doctor with an ear and eye infection.  
This wasn't so bad because our doctor has Saturday hours, so we only had to pay a doctor's office co-pay, not an urgent care co-pay.  Hooray for saving $25!  Also, the doctor was running a little behind, so the nurse brought in some crayons and paper for Thomas to color with.  That was fabulous!

We were invited to a party, but due to his contagious state, Thomas had to stay at home, and Ben stayed with him.

The party we went to was an AWESOME party.  The two ladies who hosted did an amazing job.  The kids kissed "the Blarney Stone" (with bright pink lipstick), found gold at the end of the rainbow, and drank green milk.  We had rainbow cake, cupcakes, soup and other fancies.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  


Liz said...

It sounds like a way fun party. Too bad Thomas had to miss it. Hopefully he is feeling better.

Jessica said...

Looks like fun! Hope Thomas is doing better.