Preparing for change. A tutorial of sorts.

Do you remember when I gave a tutorial?  Yes, my friends, I did.  Here it is.  I think it is about time for another one.

I am really good with change.  In fact, I would call myself an expert on change.  I thought I could write a few suggestions in case there is anyone that struggles with change, and feels like hiding in a hole/cave/dark room when change comes along.  Change ALWAYS comes easily to me.  I would say that I make changes gracefully/beautifully/perfectly.  I am emotionally stable and am able to roll with the punches quite well.  Okay, okay, enough of my perfectness.  You are not here to read how perfect I am, but how to become such.  Of course, I will be using tales from my own life to illustrate how you too can be like me.

When I was twenty-one, I went on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was asked to go to Rochester, New York.  I don't really like the cold, and in order to prepare for the extreme cold, I would sleep with the window open, so I could get used to the lower temperatures.  It worked like a charm.  I was never cold, even when walking on long rural streets in 20 feet of snow.

When I was pregnant with Jack, I spent many hours and nights preparing for his arrival.  I would stay up all night, listening to the sound of infant cries, depriving myself of much needed sleep so that I would be used to it.  I would also throw food on myself during meals.  Particularly messy foods like applesauce, pudding, and milk in order to know what it would be like to be covered in baby messes.  This definitely worked, because if you didn't know it, I am the best mother.  Ever.

In order to prepare for Sri Lanka, I have turned off the air conditioner (both home and car) in order to thin my blood so that I will not be uncomfortable in the hot and humid conditions.

I am also leaving standing water around, bathing in sugar water, and putting any smelly lotion/perfume on (all at the same time, of course) so that I can attract any mosquito in the Northern Virginia area. This, of course is so that when we arrive in Sri Lanka, I will be accustomed to mosquito bites.

I hope that this has been helpful.  I know that if I were you, I would love such sound advice and encouragement.

By the way, I also prepare by making light of all of the things I certainly expect to be difficult.


jasonandjodie said...

You are amazing. I always knew it, and now I know how to be more like you - thank you! Hopefully your preparations for Sri Lanka will be successful. Good luck with all you've got to do!

Lisonbee said...

Oh and dont forget to prep for the cockroaches the size of small dogs, so to prep anytime you see a small dog sort out how you will step on it before it gets to you or your kids! It will help! (go no aircon all the time...the cost of aircon is ridiculous so that is what motivates me to embrace the "personal sauna" we live in. I am so excited for you guys! Our friends from Sri Lanka have told us about the country. You will be a great addition!

jdc said...

I've got one! Practice paying for everything in cash. It's a little scary because it shows you just how fast the money gets spent, but it would certainly be a good habit for Sri Lanka.

(Best of luck, hope you love it there!)

Jen said...

Tsk, tsk, you had me in stitches with this one! Oh, wait, no, I just had to worry about the Dermabond splitting open my cavernous abdominal scars!

Seriously love your sense of humor and I think you are going to have a perfect time there.

Liz said...

Emily, you are awesome! Love you tons!

The Teeples Times said...

I love that you love change...that is a rare person indeed! Wish I had some advice, but i think you have it covered. I can't wait to see Sri Lanka via your blog. Good luck with the travels, I'll be thinking of you and your family. :)