Day One: Bonjour

Our first day of travel, we had a 24 hour stop over in Paris.


We had an amazing time. Even though we almost gave up after the Eiffel Tower, which was our first stop, due to rain and tantrums. Lucky for Ben and I, the tantrum was due to extreme exhaustion, and soon we had two sleeping children. We were able to see a few more sights, including the Lourve. At that point, the boys were awake, and hungry. We stopped at McDonalds (much to our embarrassment, but to the boys delight) for some dinner for the boys. Just as everything else, McDonalds was even better in Paris, even serving macaroons (which I was yelled at for taking a picture of) and a McBaguette which was a burger on a baguette. See. Even better. Ben and I stopped at a little cafe and had some sandwiches and followed up with ice cream and hot chocolate. It was a great day.

We went back to the hotel room and slept until the next day, with only one hour to get ready before our shuttle came to get us.

We have pictures of our adventures, but it will have to wait until we get Internet at our house. I am scheduling posts for the next few days. If there are errors, I will come back and fix them later.

Enjoy our first impressions of our new home, as usual, from my point of view.

The view from our hotel room.


Nomads By Nature said...

Paris IS amazing! So glad you took the layover time to recoop a bit and see some sites. We did that coming to Moz and it made such a huge difference on our mental happiness and on jetlag recovery.

And "Day #1" is so exciting! You finally are there and can start moving forward on living again rather than just planning transit issues in a hellbent fashion. Such potential to take in for your next few years! Hope first impressions have been great ones!

Liz said...

I can't wait to see the pictures from Paris!

Anja said...

How exciting!!

Just US said...

You mean I am not the only one to get yelled at randomly? Paris is amazing ang glad the kids did pretty good while there!