Finding Luv.

One week ago, we arrived here in Colombo. One week ago we were driving around and I saw a store called Choco Luv. It's display was filled with Kinder chocolates and other lovely chocolates. I saw an advertisement the other day for Choco Luv with pictures of ice cream shakes of all kind, inspired by Kinder and Ferero Roche chocolates. It was inspiring. So much so, Ben and I took the boys to try to find it today.

Oh, what an adventure.

You see there were listed two locations, and for the life of me, I couldn't find the main one on the map. I also could not remember where we were when we drove by a week ago, so we took the main store address with us, and away we went, trusting a tuk-tuk driver to know where to go. Well, two tuk-tuk rides and a long walk later, we discovered the main address was closed.

We will be trying again another day. When that happens, I will have lovely pictures of chocolatey goodness. Instead, I have a few pictures of what we saw on our way.

P.S. I found it, and it was good.  Nice cold shakes.  Yummy treats.  (Especially after swimming.)
P.P.S.  The location was not at either of the listed addresses.  I found it while running.


Little Crazies said...

man... i love kinder chocolates :) so, Sri Lanka sounds fabulous!! I am gonna come visit you :)

Just US said...

YUM!!! You mean running brings about yummy, cold rewards? :)

Liz said...