Family Branch and Tree.

Remember when I posted about this space-that I didn't know what to do about? Well, I have found something (I still want to add some plants, but we will have to wait on that). I found this branch outside our yard (read, I cut it down from a tree in our yard). I'm not sure it is allowed, but I figured since we are tasked with upkeep of our yard, I will call it "landscaping". Anyway, back to my point, I have been waiting for some prints I ordered, and now it is ready.

I give you our own "family branch":

This picture I took because these trees are so cool. I call these "family trees" because it looks like a lot of little trees hugging together to make one big tree. Just like a family.


Oh, and we are finally going to have our pictures and stuff hung on the wall, and then I will be ready to show pictures of the house. Including my latest decoration which I used the fabric from the skirt I tried to sew. Let's just say, sewing may not be my 'thing'. Is thirty too old to not know what my 'thing' is?


Sara said...

HA! I'm with ya. We need sewing classes together. I have a sewing machine but haven't figured it out. I've been either gestating a child birthing one or raising one for the last 5 years! Have you seen that adorable link from Design Mom on Family Trees? You are so on target with your family branch. I love the idea! It's perfect for that space.

Liz said...

I love your family branch! And i love the family trees. I want one in my yard!

The Teeples Times said...

What a cute, fun idea!! That is the perfect branch that you "pruned". Your walls look really cool. Are they pebbles? Great vase/pot you have too. I think your "thing" is decorating...you just don't know how clever and cute you are!

Just US said...

So cool! I love the idea of the family branch and those family trees are awesome!