For the love of McDonald's.

It is no secret.  My kids love McDonald's.  LOVE IT.  I think they mostly love the toys they get, not so much the food.  However, Jack (my picky eater) will eat up all of his food so that he can play with his toy.  Anytime Jack will finish ANYTHING, we call it a win- even if it is McDonald's.

After the excitement of McDonald's, Thomas was exhausted.  
I love that Thomas can fall asleep in a tuk-tuk. 

I am grateful that since we have been here, McDonald's has become more of a special treat, rather than a normal occurrence.  Yeah for my amazing parenting!


Anne said...

Oh man, Columbo is looking better and better each blog post I read.

And yay for awesome parenting. If that were me, a homemade meal would be the exception.

Liz said...

That is funny! Elijah and Jack would get along very well!

Rebekah said...

Isn't it a good thing that some things are the same the world over!

Just US said...

I am very proud of you!! We have a McDonald's within a 10 minute walk from our home but my children were told how gross the food is there when we first arrived by some of their friends. I have yet to step inside the place. Poor Kaelen and Jaikob will need to be educated by your boys :)