Swimming. Well, floating.

We are so excited to have a pool that we can go swimming in.  This is the first time that we have been near a pool, so it is very cool.
Everyone else seems to know how to swim, and the boys wanted to feel independent, so we bought them these floaties, which the boys call their "safety suits".  It is particularly helpful when I take the boys by myself.  

I think it is time for swim lessons.


Kelly said...

We miss our embassy pool. The whole having a lifeguard thing really stinks. Dasha and I get whistled at or yelled at at least twice a day. Everyone elses kids swam in Timor and my kids would just sit there like sticks int eh mud on the steps for the first month or two. When we left they could both swim the length of the pool and abby would swim pretty far when we gave her a push. Your boys will catch on super fast!

Connie said...

Very cute!!! They'll be swimming in no time! :)

Jessica said...

How fun! My kids will be doing swim lessons next week. And then the real trick is taking them swimming often enough that they can practice! Your boys will be swimming like fishes in no time.

Liz said...

Those are awesome vests! What a great idea! I am so nervous about taking both kids by myself, but those would make it less concerning.