What I did today. In pictures.

The other day, I read my friend's blog, and she had little snippets of her day, including some pictures.  I thought it would be fun to show my day in pictures.  

Those flowers are from the backyard.  

I took a picture of my outfit.  
I have been keeping track of what I wear so I can decide if I like an outfit or not.  I bought this skirt locally.

Tuk-tuk ride to meet Ben for lunch.  Tuk-tuks are our transportation these days.

Lunch at Cheers Pub.  

Caesar salad.  
Those are anchovies, although they weren't bad, the salad was not that great.   As in, I will not order it again.

This was a wall of stone at the hotel where our restaurant was.  It seemed to go on forever and I wanted a picture with a person to show how ginormous it is.  I tried to get Ben to pose, but he doesn't like having his picture taken as much as I do.

After lunch, we walked through the mall. 
This is where I experienced "threading"(you know, for removing my unwanted facial hair) for the first time.  Ouch.  No one could prepare me for that kind of pain.

After getting home, I wanted to wear something a little more comfortable, so I changed.  
Outfit number 2.

I came home from lunch to find that Jack needed to go to the Medical Unit at the Embassy, so we headed back out.  
Jack putting his arms up because the tuk-tuk feels like a ride.

For dinner I made lasagna. 
I was able to find all the ingredients locally, and it was pretty good.
(When I say locally, I also include the market at the Embassy that we have access to.)

Flour-less chocolate cake (which I made myself) with fresh whipped cream (I whipped it myself).  Don't you love how I have way more whipped cream than cake?  I like it that way- the whipped cream was SOOOO good.

That was my day.  
It was a pretty good day, which made me really happy. 

If you were worried about Jack, no need.  He is fine, and we all were able to get our rabies shots.  

I hope you had a good day as well.  What would your day look like in pictures?


Jen said...

The second or third (amazing I did it so much) time I tried threading, I cried so much, the woman nearly stopped. She was like, "Are you OKAY?!" I just assumed everyone was in that much pain....

Love the local skirt!

Little Crazies said...

sounds like an awesome day to me! never tried threading before but always wanted to... now i'll think well before doing it.
And as usual i love your clothes! :)

k @ oh the many places! said...

i love the day in pictures idea!

Connie said...

I never tried the threading. It just seemed like too much torture! Love the pretty fabric of your local skirt, and both outfits. I really need to get some more summery outfits. Seems that most of my cool blouses that match my cool skirts are gone. All I have to match, are a denim skirt (too hot) and black rayon.. which is cool, but a little goth for every day... I need to shop, but am trying not too for the move! Soon, shopping will happen :)

Sara said...

Yay for ordinary days that ultimately are so fun! Love the local skirt and I adore your whip cream with a bit of cake. Flour-less chocolate cakes are so yummy? Have you ever had the ones at Sweet Water in VA? They melt chocolate in the middle. So good. I'd like you thoughts on what to pair with long skirts. I just bought one and wore a tank with it but am not sure what I thought about it!

The Teeples Times said...

What a fun idea! Rabies shot? Was he bitten? I NEED your recipe for flourless cake - I'm trying to cut out all white flour and use only whole wheat or no flour - please send me your recipe - melanieteeples@gmail.com. BTW - your day is MUCH more exciting than mine! Not to mention the outfit changing - of which I liked both outfits!

Just US said...

Other than the rabies shot your day sounds super fun!! I want to come hang out with you. BTW- I loved both outfits!