And so it begins.

Jack started kindergarten today. Like a dutiful and sentimental mother, I took as many pictures as he would allow. (Which was quite a few, as he loves the attention.)
He jumped on his bus smiling and eager. I am so excited for him to begin this stage of life. I know he will do great!
The beginning of school means there are some changes in our lives.
1. No more spur of the moment trips to follow dad wherever he may go.
2. Moving during the summer has become one of our priorities. If we move during the winter will just bring added difficulties (both logistical and emotional).
3. We all have to wake up to an alarm. This has been one of my favorite things about staying at home with the kids, we were free to wake up as we pleased.
Even with these changes, we are thrilled for Jack. Not to mention that with Thomas going to preschool, I have some time to myself. Hooray.


Liz said...

Jack is adorable! Congratulations on this huge milestone! I know he will do great!

Lisa said...

Hope his first day is great!

Emily H said...

Oh my he is just so cute!! Is his school boarded up or what!? ;)

The Teeples Times said...

congrats Jack!! You're right, it is a big change for you and him - a good one though... Hope his day went fabulous & he loves his teacher. Is his school at the embassy? In English?

Jessica said...

He looks so excited. I love school! It is nice to get a little time to yourself!

Horgy said...

On a bus in Sri Lanka? I would have been a wreck. Good luck to all of you in this new phase. I do love Jack. We wer just listening to his "Songify" and cracking up.

Just US said...

Yeah for Jack!!!