Ode to my ma.

My mom is amazing.  This week I have grown a new appreciation for this wonderful woman. 

You see, I have two children, the oldest is now in Kindergarten and my second born is happily attending preschool.  I had to wait five years for a moment where I could take a nap in my own home, without any interruptions.  It was a long wait, but I had two naps this week that made a huge difference in my sanity.  I am so grateful for that.

My mom on the other hand had six children, of which, I am the oldest.  I was seventeen when my youngest sister entered school.  SEVENTEEN.  YEARS.  From the moment I was born until the moment the youngest started going to school, was nearly two decades.  That is a long time.  

Today is my mom's birthday.  She is far away from us, but we love and miss her.
Thomas asks often if he can go visit her, and goes and puts on his shoes.  She is loved by her family, and we all appreciate all she has done for us.  Like go SEVENTEEN YEARS to have peace and quiet and alone time in her own home. 

 I hope she can have a nap, but if she can't, my nap is dedicated to her.  I am just that generous!

I love you mom.  Happy Birthday!


Liz said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Heidi! Emily, your mom is amazing!

Just US said...

I can't even imagine 17 years to take a nap! My mom waited 25 and each day I rediscover just how amazing she truly is. I hope your mom has a fabulous birthday and hopefully she gets to take a nap!

jeri said...

I think your mom is amazing too! I love reading your experiences- it triggers lots of fun memories for me.
Enjoy the naps!

Jessica said...

I LOVE that you dedicated your nap to her. : )