A letter to my future self.

Dear Future Self,


I feel the need to write to you so that you will not forget some of the important lessons you have learned on this trip. There have good and bad, but they MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

First the good:

  1. The kids are awesome and resilient, and are probably more well behaved when you are gone.
  2. Everything can and will run smoothly when you are not there, even if it is not the same way you would do it.
  3. It is AWESOME to be able to have a Marine Ball to shop for when you go into a vintage dress shop and find the ball gown of your (our) dreams.
  4. It is awesome to be around family, and experience things like taking two sisters to college, and see where they live.
  5. Seattle is AMAZING and Vancouver is SPECTACULAR- you would live in either of these places in a heartbeat.
  6. Your parents are fabulous.
The bad:

  1. Three weeks is too long to be away from Ben and the boys.
  2. You are not very good at long distance relationships- an unaccompanied tour is not a very good idea.
Actually I think that is it. I thought I had a lot more bad. It has been a tough three weeks, although I have really had some great experiences. I totally have a new appreciation for those who are separated from their kids or spouses for a significant amount of time.


Just remember these things the next time you want to go somewhere without your family for three weeks.


Although I do think a few days away is still a good idea- it helps everyone appreciate each other more.




Lots of love,


You and Me. From the past.


Scenes from the trip to Vancouver with my parents.


Fields of Heather said...

Totally agreed! A little break is great. A long break, not so good!

Emily said...

Wow! 3 weeks!? You're a lucky girl to have gotten away for that long. I want to see pics of your in your dream dress!!

Liz said...

3 weeks is a long time to be away from your boys and husband. You are very brave! It would drive me crazy to not be able to control everything at home while I was away! LOL You definately are going to have to post pictures of your dress for the Marine Ball.

Sara said...

Great points on both the good and bad side. I'm terrible at long distance too, it's good to realize that. I can't imagine how much you must miss your sweet boys!!!