A Troubling Time

Life has been a little scary/sad/troubling around the Foreign Service community, to which I proudly belong.  You have probably heard about the tragedies surrounding the deaths of four Americans and the protests at other Embassies and Consulates around the world.  It has been hard to read the stories, and see the pictures of all that has occurred over the last few days.  The two pictures that moved me the most -- first, the picture I saw of the four caskets with the American Flags draped over them.  The second was a picture of the American School in Tunis being burned.  Yes, my friends a school- luckily it was empty at the time, but still.  The last few days have brought to light the dangers that we sometimes face living this lifestyle.  

Life in the Foreign Service is full of amazing opportunities and experiences.  We are able to get glamorous for the Marine Ball, we often have household help, we get amazing travel experiences.  Our children are able to attend fabulous schools, we can learn languages, we are able to live in beautiful homes and usually life is pretty good.  However, as awesome as these things are- there is always the other side.  

When I was seventeen, my family lived in Moscow.  One Sunday morning I woke up, and could hear protesters outside the Embassy from my bedroom window (we lived on the Embassy compound).  A few moments later there was an explosion followed by the Marines going around telling us to stay away from the windows.  The Embassy had been attacked.  We were all fine, but it was a scary moment for all of us. 

Then in Tijuana there were several nights (most nights for the first year) we could hear gunshots from our house.  There was the day that Ben called me and told me to wake the boys from a nap, and go to a friends house because the house next door was about to be raided.  

Right now we live on a quiet island that is peaceful right now, but there was a time when this little island was not so peaceful.  We are blessed right now to live here.  I feel safe and comfortable.  There are many people around the world that serve the United States that are dealing with the repercussions of the last few days.  There are those who have died, there are those that are in hospitals around the world, and there are those of us that are mourning for our friends.  

It has been a hard week.  Unfortunately, during the next twenty-so years in Ben's career, there will be "hotspots"  around the world.  There will be wars and rumors of wars, but we are proud to serve our country.  

My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Foreign Service community.  


Sara said...

The school burning hit me the hardest too.

Lisonbee said...

We pray for you often. We know you and Ben are prayerful in your decisions that involve your family & were you live. Im grateful you are in a good place right now. These are troubling times but we need not fear ...but sometimes it sure does make us worry a bit. Love you cousin!