I want you to celebrate my birthday with me.

I am so excited for my birthday this year. Ben is going to take the family for our first adventure in the southern part of Sri Lanka. We are going to the beach and we are going on a whale watching boat ride. I don't know much, because Ben has planned the entire thing!

ALSO, I want to celebrate with you! For the last two years, we have celebrated my birthday together, and it has been so much fun for me. I would really like to continue the tradition this year.


This year your assignment is:


A Happy Birthday Video.

With an interview question.

What have you always wanted to know about me? Ask whatever you want.


I love seeing videos of people. It is so much more than a picture, or a written message.

I will respond to all the questions you ask on a video of my own. If for some reason, no one responds, I will have to come up with my own questions to interview myself.


So here are the deets.


Everyone is invited; friends, family, anyone who reads this. The more the merrier.

Make a video saying happy birthday and include a question you would like to ask.

Post your video to YouTube and send me the link (e-mail or leave a comment with the link) You can make it private so only I can see it, if you so desire. Or just make me a video and send it to me via email. For those who give me permission, I will post the video or the link here.


You have one week.

Send them to me by midnight 9/29 (my birthday).

Now you may be asking midnight which time zone? Let's say Eastern Time Zone.


Should we sweeten the deal? Everyone who sends a video will get a "party favor". A small token of thanks for celebrating with me. Deal? Deal.





For those of you who REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want to send a video (insert pouty face here) you can send an e-mail with your question.


Let's Celebrate!


Anonymous said...

I suggest some Dramamine for the whale watching trip! I went off the coast of Sri Lanka a few years ago. You really get out into deep water where there are lots of swells, so it can be rough if you're prone to motion sickness. But the good news is that the boats are large, sturdy old fishing boats, so you'll have no problem bringing your camera, binoculars, etc. In fact, my friend left her $500 digital camera in the car because she was worried about it getting splashed, then we showed up and there were NatGeo photographers with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment onboard.

Jessica said...

Sounds like fun! I went whale watching once, it was something I will never forget! And your birthday idea should be very entertaining.