Cockroaches vs. the biggest and most threatening thing in the room.

This morning before church, I sent Jack into his bedroom to get dressed.  He came back to me, with his pajamas still on.  He told me there was a cockroach in his room, so he couldn't possibly get dressed.  "Don't worry, I'll take care of this."  I was sure by the time I got to his room the cockroach would be long gone.  Wrong.  The thing was on it's back, wiggling its little legs back and forth.  Ben wasn't home, so I did the only logical thing I could think of.  I put a plastic cup over the cockroach, and a book on top of the cup so that this super cockroach could not escape.  I would have Ben take care of it when we got home from church.

Tonight, we were putting the boys to bed, and it was my turn to get them water.  I reached down and grabbed the water cup.  Shockingly, I had forgotten about my prisoner.  The cockroach ran, I screamed,  the boys screamed, and Ben came running.  Lovingly Ben says to me, "what is wrong with you?  It's only a cockroach, and you screamed like someone was dying.  You are the biggest and most threatening thing to this cockroach."  Followed by "Why didn't you just kill it?"  I made up some excuse about not having enough time before church...blah, blah, blah.  Then he looked at me (you know the look of calling out my lame excuse), and I knew I had to tell him the truth.

I have an irrational fear that if I don't kill the cockroach when I attempt to squish it, it will jump into my screaming mouth and lay cockroach eggs and a few days later little baby cockroaches are going to climb all over my sleeping face.  Seriously.  I read "Scary Stories" enough to know that these things have happened.  AND I don't like the crunching noise that comes with squishing a large cockroach.

Luckily for me, Ben killed the cockroach, and I laughed so hard, Jack asked me if I was crying.  You see it became really funny as soon as I wasn't the one who had to squish it.  It was ridiculous hilarious that I was so clever in avoiding killing this fearsome creature.

So if you come over to my house, you might want to be careful about picking up random cups off the ground.  Just sayin' you never know what you might find underneath.


Liz said...

This is awesome! I totally agree with you that cockroaches are gross! Thankfully I have only seen one cockroach in real life. It scared me so badly that I still randomly think about that thing! EWWWW! I love that Ben said you were the "biggest and most threatening thing!" Talk about empowerment! LOL

Dorothy Gale said...

Oh, HECK yeah. I'm not alone. I will kill pretty much any bug, but I hate killing cockroaches. I hate the snap, crackle, pop sound they make. We've had a few hilarious (not really) cockroach stories since moving to Sri Lanka. Ugh.

Anne said...

I totally do the same thing with the cups! We even have a stack of plastic cups reserved for this practice. The sad thing is that Brian hates them too, but, since he's a ma,n he takes care of them for me. Unfortunately his idea of taking care of it is taking it outside and throwing it in the bushes. I'm certain we've been playing catch and release with the same cockroach the entire time we've lived here.

I can't kill insects, especially spiders and cockroaches. I blame Arachnophobia.