Preparation vs. Reality: Finding Make-up that Doesn't Melt.

Before moving here one of my concerns was what kind of make-up to wear in the heat and humidity that is Sri Lankan weather. I asked everyone I could, and everyone was extremely helpful, but the answers were pretty different depending on who I was asking. The answers I received told me I was going to have to figure it out for myself.
So here is what I figured out.
I keep my routine pretty simple, and this is how it usually goes. I don't feel like putting makeup on, but I need to put on sunscreen. I think, if I am already putting on sunscreen, I might as well put on tinted moisturizer. If I put on tinted moisturizer, I might as well put a little color on my checks, and lips. Then I think, I have already gone this far, a little eyeliner would be perfect. That's how it goes most days. Sometimes, I really do stop after the tinted moisturizer and head out the door.

These are the products that I have found work well for me.

1. Urban Decay eye primer. Love it.

2. Garnier eye puff roller. I love this, especially on long flights. My eyes instantly feel better.

3. Garnier BB cream. Apparently it is tinted moisturizer 2.0. I haven't really noticed, but it stays on and provides coverage, so I am happy.

4. Stila lip/cheek stain- coconut crush. This multi-tasker is fantastic. The color lasts all day and I can use it on my checks and lips. Oh, and it smells good.

5. This is my favorite lip gloss. I usually put this on on top of the stain for a little shine. This one is Make Up Forever I don't know the name, but the color number is S2.

6. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in a creamy powder. I just have a sample, but it is awesome. I don't know if it has a SPF, but the coverage is AMAZING.

7. Last, but not least, pot of eyeliner and brush. I have tried all sorts of eyeliners, including waterproof, and they left me with terrible circles under my eyes. This one I bought at Target in the Boots section.

*I only put eyeliner on the top lid, it is the only way- if I don't want raccoon eyes. I sweat too much.*

If I feel like being fancy, here is how I add to my routine.

1. Mascara. I don't have a favorite, I just use whatever I have. This one is Cover Girl, has an awesome brush, and works well.

2. Nars bronzer/blush duo. This one is Angelika and Laguna.

3. Eyeshadow duo. I have a few of these and it makes it easier to know what colors to put together.

4. Erase paste by Benefit. I use it as an under eye cream and concealer. Oh how I love this, but I don't wear it everyday because it melts quite easily. However, if I am going somewhere fancy that will have air conditioning, I wear it.

There you have it. My humidity friendly make-up routine. I hope this helps if you are coming to visit :) or just looking for something new to try.

Do you have any favorite products that you don't want to live without?


Camille said...

I've been dealing with melting face, too. It sucks!
And I'm in love with that urban decay eye primer. LURV it! Have you tried their 24-7 eyeliners? That stuff won't budge for days (if I let it...which I mostly don't. At least, not more than two days. Or three.).
I'm still on the hunt for a concealer that won't melt - let me know if you ever hear of anything!

Sara said...

Most days my routine consists of only Clinique city block spf 40 that is tinted. No moisture here though, it's super dry!

Dorothy Gale said...

I used to use Erase Paste and I switched to Booooing, also by Benefit. LOVE it so much more. It's much less goopy, but I really feel like it covers better and doesn't melt off as much. Also, have you tried Urban Decay's liquid liner? Smog is a great color that I SWEAR will look awesome on anyone, and I have no problem with it running or pooling. It stays put!

Oh, and I am finally remembering to add you to my blog roll!