Recent Conversation.

I thought I would share this conversation I had with Jack a few days ago. It made me smile.

Jack: I think we should be a family of five.

Me: Really, how are we going to do that?

Jack: Add another kid.

Me: Where are we going to find another kid?

Jack: We just need to find a five year old that no one likes, and he can be in our family.

Me: But if no one likes him, what if we don't like him?

Jack: Of course we would like him, he would be our brother.


So we are on the look out for a five year old that no one likes.



Connie said...

:) That's sweet!

jasonandjodie said...

awesome. i will keep an eye out.

April Kennedy said...

haha! that's too sweet and super funny.

Liz said...

Jack is awesome! Too cute!

Anne said...

How cute is he?!

Just US said...

Hey . . . if you don't have to go through labor again then I think this is a great plan!

Jessica said...

THAT is awesome. What a clever idea! Definitely one of those conversations you'll be glad you took the time to record.