What I love.

At the end of the day, or in this case, week.  I have Ben, Jack and Thomas.

This week was quite busy.  It was full of things to check off a list, dates and times to keep track of, projects to finish and events to attend.  
I actually really liked this week; it was nice to have so much to do.  It is also really nice to know that if nothing went as planned, and nothing worked out this week, I would still have an amazing family behind me.  It is an enormous strength to me, and for that I am grateful.

I love the guys in my life.

Pictures of the boys in their costumes. 
 Thomas decided right before we left for the Embassy Halloween party that he did not want to be in costume, so he went in his normal clothes and firefighter rain boots.  

Thomas surprised both Ben and I when he could not get enough of the haunted house (which was pretty scary).  He would sneak up to the back door, get a glimpse, run away, and repeat.  He did this the entire time the haunted house was going.  When all of the characters cleared out, he went in, and refused to come out.  There was a coffin that he was dying to play in.  (Aren't I clever?)  Thomas and Ben can have that scary stuff.  Jack and I will stay at the bounce house and leave the scary stuff to others.  It was a great party!  We had a great time.

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Liz said...

All three of your boys are adorable! I am so happy for you that you have them to make you happy!