It's a grey, gray day. With a side of disappointment.

Hello. It's raining here. It's been raining for a few days now. Sometimes it comes down really hard, and it is fun to listen to. The rain has even brought cooler weather. We have had soup and breadsticks, and I pulled out some hot chocolate since it feels right when it is gray and cool outside. To celebrate the gray, I wore a grey outfit. It felt so cozy. Something about grey says comfort to me.


What happens around here in the rain.
1. The tuk tuks get coverings on them, that Thomas likes to peek out.

2. We get leaks.

3. Billboards fall down.
View from down the street.

View from right next to us (the giant legs are part of a huge billboard that fell).

4. Trees fall. I saw at least 10 trees on the main roads this morning.

5. We find things to do like look at maps and try to decide where we want to go.

And now for the disappointing news.

Ben and I are not going to Thailand for me to run a half marathon. We were totally excited until there were issues with the care of our children during our trip. I am still running, but I am certainly sad. I hope to find another opportunity to run in a race, but it will be awhile. I am still training, but today I ran 10 miles on a treadmill, and it was tough. I will keep going though, and I will do it. I have had several friends recently run races, and they have inspired me.

Don't you love the skirt? I used to want to play certain sports for the cute skirts, and now, I can run in one!

After my run today.




Anne said...

Oh man, I'm sorry about the race. If I could fly out and watch your kiddos I totally would. I know the disappointment of prepping for a race and not being able to run it.

I love running in skirts!

Sara said...

Bummer! But you aren't alone. I played tennis in high school just for the cute skirt. Ours had purple panties for underneath.

Little Crazies said...

You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Love the skirt! Jealous that you have a treadmill, because I really want to be running but we do not have a treadmill and i am not motivated to go out of my house to find one. Oh, and i have a little one who I have to find a babysitter for if I go on runs. :( Bleh.

Just US said...

You can bring the boys here! I will watch them for you!! Love the skirt!