Russia, here they come!

My awesome sisters, Paige and Taylor are going on missions. Early this morning, we had the opportunity to meet up on a video chat to see them read where they were assigned. Paige went first, she read her assignment - St. Petersburg, Russia! So exciting!

Then Taylor opened hers- Moscow, Russia!

Can you believe they are both going to serve their missions in Russia? AND they both report to the Missionary Training Center the SAME DAY!

We are so excited for them! Now they get to prepare for one of the best experiences of their lives! And when they get back they will be able to speak Russian together!

Paige and Taylor, we love you, and we are looking forward to hearing about your many adventures!

As they read their "call"!


Lisonbee said...


Little Crazies said...

Love it! But at the same time bummed we are not in Moscow anymore because I would have taken your sisters under my motherly wing and at least made them nice dinners once in a while.

The Teeples Times said...

That is SO awesome!!! How fun!! Your fashion show looked like so much fun, what an exciting experience! Also, hope your father in law is doing well and recovering quickly!!

Liz said...

We are so excited for Paige and Taylor! Russia could not get any better missionaries.

Just US said...

That is so cool!!