What I love.

Jack's school.

Last week, Jack's school put on a production called "Ye-Ha".  It was a fun play that involved the ENTIRE school.  The school is not too big, (Jack's class has 12 or 13 students) but nonetheless, there were over 200 kids that participated.  Each child was given a costume, and each child participated in some way.  It was fantastic, and both Ben and I thought it was one of the best school productions we have ever seen.

Jack in costume.

Jack with his stage make-up.

Then today, the kindergarten classes invited the parents to come see all the work they have done in the last few weeks.  Each child presented to their parents, and then the parents circulated to see all of the other children's work. 
It was so much fun to see Jack and his classmates, and all the hard work they put into their assignments.

This, is a hand axe.  It was used to kill animals in the past, although some of the students said it was for writing.  I think Jack preferred the hunting part.
(It is a rock connected to a stick with string.)

All of his work laid out so I could see it.

Jack's school is great, and the best part is he loves it. 


Liz said...

Jack is adorable! He reminds alot of how I remember you being when you were younger. You definately got yourself a keeper! LOL

Little Crazies said...

These moments make a mother so proud!!! :) Jack looks like he' having fun at his school!