Best. New Years. Ever.

It is 12:30 a.m., January 1st here.  

Happy 2013.

This has been one of the best New Year's Eve.  Ever.  

We started out by setting off some loud fire works.  LOUD.  Really Loud.  We stopped after one shot straight up into the air, came back down and exploded in our neighbors yard.  Opps.  Don't worry, we checked it out, and nothing was damaged.

Then we went inside and made some party hats, and set some resolutions.  One of Ben's resolutions last year was to write in his journal, so he wrote in his journal one last time before the end of the year.

The boys had a little dinner,  and we set off some more fireworks (the pretty kind, not the loud kind).

We came inside and made a snack tray and some yummy spinach artichoke dip. We finished up the evening with a dance party and at 9:00 we had some sparkling cider, and put the boys to bed.

At midnight, things got crazy around here, and we climbed to our roof and watched the fireworks around the city.  It was the loudest, most spectacular fireworks I have ever seen.  There were fireworks going off in every direction, and we had an amazing view.  

Happy New Year!


Little Crazies said...

Happy New Years, Emily! Love all the pictures! Your party looks awesome!

Sara said...

What a great way to spend the evening. I especially love the idea of spinach dip and homemade party hats!