Rambling through a rough day.

Last week was ideal. I met up with some girlfriends for a little trip. It was awesome and amazing, and I hope I will blog about it later, but I am not promising anything.

Today it was back to regular life. Grocery shopping, attempting (again) to potty train one stubborn little boy, laundry, and homework (mine and the children).

It seems that lately I am suffering a bit from a severe case of absent mindedness. Last week, on the girls trip, I lost my wallet (luckily I found it again), I lost my Ipod with my fancy earbuds, and my luggage was lost (not my fault, but still taxing on my mind). Then today- I lost a brand new pair of earrings. I was wearing said earrings going about my errands.  When I was just about home, I looked down and one of the earrings was laying quite nicely on top of my purse.  The other one was not in my ear and not anywhere to be found. UGH.

Anyway. Besides that my life is being consumed with my Math class. Math is not one of my strengths, and it takes A LOT of effort and time to do well. Tonight I was looking for my assignment to scan and turn in, when Ben calmly suggested that perhaps it was not my mind that is going, but that I need to be more organized. Well said, husband, well said.

There you have it. Now I am going to go clean off the dead lizard that is plastered against the inside wall of the washing machine and clean my shower. Pretty glamourous.

On the bright side, I have a baguette with some French butter and cheese waiting to ease my pain.

Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. This is my 500th post! Happy 500 posts. It was almost five years ago that I started blogging.  My first post ever was about Jack's first haircut, and the first two comments ever on this blog were from my friends Anja and Tracy. Life has been a fantastic journey in the last four years.  Thank you all for reading and commenting and connecting with our family. *hugs*


Little Crazies said...

Emily! I miss you! I am sorry you had a bad day. I hope it ends today and tomorrow you get to have a fabulous day and an amazing week plus an awesome month. Well, you get the idea :)

p.s. i love math, we can have Skype math chats while doing your math homework :)

Crawford Family said...

Ohhh that is a bad day. Have you broken that jam jar yet? I am telling you it just might work! Um dead lizard? Ewwwww. Also did they find your luggage? Is the cheese from here? Miss you!!

Liz said...

I am sorry that you had a bad day. Those kind of days are the worst. I hope the rest of the week is fantastic to make up for this one.

Rebekah said...

Did I miss the pics of your trip? And my advice is to let the man of the house take care of the lizard! EW! I don't think I would ever use my washing machine again...

Tracy said...

Love your blog. Also, math sucks.

Tracy said...

Love your blog. Also, math sucks.

Tracy said...

Love your blog. Also, math sucks.

Jessica said...

Oh I laughed at the casual mention of the dead lizard...no biggie...so funny!! I am so glad you blog, it's so nice to stay connected.

Emily H said...

eww about the lizard. YUCK.

It's tough getting organized. I have to get organized to get organized.

But maybe that would help a bit

Big bummer about the lost earring. Hate when that happens. :(

Hope you've had better days since this post.
Smiles. :)