Spring Break, Sri Lankan Style

The boys had spring break last week, and we lucked out when some friends invited us to stay with them at a beach house. It was AMAZING!


We walked on the beach.



We played bocci ball and swam in the pool.

Thomas rolled around in the black sand.

I drank coconut water.

Jack ate pancakes.

We ate really well.



We had an awesome time. Although I learned that packing for a beach house is different than packing for a hotel...good thing our friends came prepared.

I hope to go back. I promise to pack better.


All this can be yours, if you come visit.

*hint, hint*

*wink, wink*

*nudge, nudge*




Crawford Family said...

That looks awesome!!! So what did you miss packing? We are headed to the beach next week. Sunscreen? hats? Pool toys? What will I forget?

Liz said...

I am so jealous!

Rebekah said...

The adventures you are having are amazing! I'm so glad I can live through you. :)