Hair Woes

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, or you know me in person, then you will know that my hair is used as a negotiation in our marriage. You see, I like it short, Ben likes it long. I use this to my advantage to earn a little extra spending money. The amount isn't that important, it is more of a way that both of us can get our way with such a silly thing. We both agree to the terms, and a contract is entered into. Some years it is more formal than others. One year, we signed an agreement in Ben's journal. This year, no formal treaty was signed, but I have already spent the money...so...well...we are bound for the next THREE YEARS. That's right.

I can't cut my hair, expect for a trim, until July 21, 2016!

So here it was the last time I cut my hair. Around July 21. Also, serious bed head in this picture, but it shows the length.



This is today.


I could really use a trim, as my hair has become really fluffy. However, I am nervous because if they cut too much off I have to start the hair clock over. That's a bummer.
So right now, I am doing everything I can to camouflage the craziness that is my hair. This thing in my hair happens to be a belt from a skirt. Yesterday it was the ribbon from a bedding set. Desperate people. Desperate.
I am excited to grow my hair out, but at this point it is a little awkward.
Any ideas to cover my mop?



Liz said...

I had short hair my junior year in high school. It was horrible growing it out! I used a lot of barrettes and bobby pins to do cute twists and knots. Anything that I thought hid the awkward length it was for awhile. Ever since then, I have been afraid to go short because I dread the growing put process. Good luck! You are always adorable!

Kelly said...

I;m glad you are growing it out. Not that I don't think you ROCK the short hair but now I get to see it at all different stages. It should be very entertaining for the next few years. Also I hope some of that money is to be spent on making London flippin awesome! See you soon!

Jessica said...

I suggest finding pictures of hairstyles that you can work towards. Choose a cut you like that is a few inches longer than it is now, then choose another, and keep going until you reach the final goal. Smaller goals that you will achieve sooner are more attainable and satisfying along the way than just letting it grow with no aim until the very end. Doing it this way means you can enjoy your hair more over the course of growing it out, instead of feeling frumpy and unkempt.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is growing out really well. here's a website that can give tips/ideas on stylish hair wraps. I ahve long hair but sometimes, I use bandanas and styled turbans. =) Good luck and hope this helps!


Rebekah said...

I LOVE it!

Chuzai Living said...

I think you look great with short hair! I always think that women who look pretty with short hair are true beautiful women. I look awful...