Welcome November.

Today is the first day of November.  The month of Thanksgiving, and thus the official month of gratitude. As I am not one to let a cliche pass by me by, I will start off this month with a post about gratitude.

I will start off with a little moment with Jack.  A moment that I think will live in my heart forever.  Tonight Jack was in the school play as a tree.  He was a great tree.  He performed beautifully.  The moment that I am grateful for was after the play was over, and the lights were turned on.  All of the students were still on stage, as the performing arts teacher was thanking everyone.  Jack was looking around for us, and the moment he found us, his eyes lit up, and he started waving as big as he could.  He looked at his friends and announced that he found his mom and dad, and pointed us out to anyone who would listen.  He was quickly shushed, but it was so awesome to see how excited he was to see us.  

I am so grateful for Jack.  I am grateful that he loves us and is completely excited to see us. I am so grateful for how loving he can be.


Jessica said...

Awesome. I think sometimes that it is such a gift and miracle at how much our children love us no matter how flawed we are. It is a huge blessing and a comfort to a mother's soul.

Emily H said...

Aww that is sooo sweet!!! What an adorable kid!!