Almost done.

We've been in Utah for almost a month, and we have loved spending time with family and friends. I have discovered things like "dirty Dr. Pepper" (if you don't know what it is- google it) and kindling a new love of Utah. 

It has been awesome.  Oh and I now have bangs. 

There you have it. Our time here in pictures. We have celebrated both Jack and Thomas' birthdays, ans celebrate Ben's this week. 

We still have a lot to fit in our last week here. And then we will be off to our next adventure in North Carolina. 

I'm very grateful for this adventure that is our life. We have so many people to love and to be loved by. It gives me the strength and courage I need for all of the challenges of life. 

Hugs and kisses. 


Little Crazies said...

Greatly spent time! Miss you already! :)

Brooke S. said...

We had us some awesome Utah time too :) Nothing beats a Utah summer