The Art of the Selfie.

I have a goal of using my camera to take pictures for the blog.  I love when there are pictures on blogs.  So I tried to take a selfie with my camera today, and they were less than stellar- it lead me to think about the art of selfies.  
Let me start by saying I love selfies. I have become quite a pro of taking pictures of myself with my phone.  
The reason I to started taking pictures of myself is because no one really likes taking pictures of me, because I look at the picture, I request that the picture be taken multiple times.  When I take a selfie, I can take as many pictures as I need to make it look good.  That's the secret of a good selfie.  Take a lot of pictures.  Try different angles, try different faces.  Be awkward.  Be silly.  Be yourself. Own it.  Over and over again. I even started taking a selfie every Sunday at church, I use the hashtag #selfieatchurch It has become a fun way to document each week.  I often invite friends to join me in my pictures. It's a fun tradition.  When I look back, it is fun to see the year through my selfies.  So take a picture of yourself.  Then join me every Sunday for #selfieatchurch or make up your own hashtag.  Love your self-(ie). See what I did there?  

I might have the cell phone selfie down, but I don't have the camera selfie quite right yet.  

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