My life is good. My life is great. My life is good. My life is great.

It’s Thursday. I’ve had a bit of a rough week. You know, the kind of days you don’t want to get out of bed and face life. But today is a better day.

1. I think I’m going to lose two toenails. Well, maybe I won’t lose them, but they are black. It makes me feel like I am a legit runner. I don’t always feel like a legit runner. I would say more of a jogger. I jog. I’m not fast. I jog on a treadmill. I don’t like being out in the cold. I like jogging outside in the spring and early morning summers, but other than that, I like a treadmill.

2. Did I tell you I’m starting to take classes to work towards my bachelors? One of the regrets in my life is not getting my bachelors degree. So, I am working towards it. Starting this summer. I am so excited to start. I just want to get it finished. I am only taking a few classes at a time, so that I won’t overdo it, but I am taking one foot in front of another. The only thing I’m nervous about is a Statistics class I have to take. Ugh. One foot in front of another.

3. You know what makes Thursday even better? Making it a pizza night.

4. I went and had a root canal redone, but it was so infected, they weren’t able to fix it. So I have to go back next week. I’m glad it isn’t worst case scenario, which included an implant and thousands of dollars so that’s awesome.

5. Although it makes me happy to have warmer weather forecasted for the next little while, I am seriously disappointed with the lack of snow days this year. It’s a shame we have a lo of snow days built in, and we have only used one. Boo.

I hope you all had a good Thursday. Today was a good day for me.

Love you. Mean it.

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Natalie Dorrance Harris said...

Excited for you to be going back to school! Youve got this!!!!