The first Thursday of the rest of your life.

Does anyone feel a little deflated after Christmas? Like everything was leading up to this moment and now all that is left is a pile of fake tree needles. It’s really not that depressing, but I do love turning on the Christmas tree lights. It’s pretty. Anyway. Happy Thursday.

1. So I might be taking a break from Facebook and Instagram, but I decided I love my Thursday posts, so I will post it to my blog. Maybe I’ll blog more, since I’ll have extra time on my hands. So check back regularly. It could be fun. 
2. Break is almost over. I love break, but I am looking forward to the routine of work and school. Now that Christmas is over, winter is almost over too, right? Just kidding. I wish it were. I was just in my basement and saw my beach chair, and it made me excited for summer.
3. 2020 big deal? Or just another year? I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it will have its good and bad, but I’m hoping for a pretty good year. Let’s do it together though, and it will be amazing.
4. I went to my therapist the other day, and I have to say she almost convinced me that I don’t like myself. You guys. I left thinking that I have confidence issues. Y’all- nah. I don’t. I started journaling as if I had confidence issues, and a few seconds in I was like “girl, you’re awesome, and have a lot to offer”. I don’t have perfect confidence in everything, but most everything, I feel pretty good about myself. I just don’t like the way my body looks sometimes. There is a big difference. I fully believe you can have confidence in some things, and need to work on others. Own it. You are incredible. Just ask me, I’ll tell you why you are awesome. 
5. Two things happen when Ben is out of town. The first is the house isn’t as clean. And the second is I don’t sleep as well. I’ve been working on the cleaning thing, as I have decided I would like to have a house that is clean enough that fresh flowers on the table does not look out of place. The sleep thing is a little harder as my kids don’t want to go to bed at 7:30. So for the next little while I will try to figure it out, but I might be doing life tired. And that’s okay. 

Anyway. I hope that everyone has an amazing Thursday, and that you are happy. 

Just so you know, I might not be on social media, but I am still around and can message in a great number of ways.

Love you. Mean it.

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Aimee said...

2. I needed a break so I was glad for school to be out for a bit, but now that it's been me and the fam 24/7 for almost two weeks, I'm just about ready to go back. I did get to go out and have breakfast with friends this morning and we picked two new breakfast places we want to try, so that was very fun!

3. I'm going back to school this fall, so I think big year for me!

4. I agree. I am very confident in some areas and not in others.

5. I am pretty lazy about cleaning until the bathroom gets kinda gross or I can start feeding an entire family of dust bunnies. (Like now!) And I am not a good sleeper, so I pretty much live my life tired. Eventually you get used to it. ��