We are halfway through the month.

It’s Thursday. Life has been moving quickly over here. We are halfway through my break from Social Media. How is it going for you? Any difference? I’ve noticed a few things, but nothing life shattering.

1. Two weeks ago when things were uncertain about Ben and what was going to happen, I watched an episode of Jack Ryan, in which Jack Ryan and his team were set up and there was a roadside bomb, and a sniper- it was a huge mistake. I was convinced that Ben was going to be attacked and it was a mess in my head. Note to self. Do not watch ANYTHING like Jack Ryan when your husband is in a dangerous situation. Don’t worry. I watched an episode of Schitt’s Creek to take my mind off of it. Speaking of Ben, he is doing fine. He is safe and happy. We are not sure when he will be home yet, but that’s fine with me. I’m totally fine with the uncertainty of when he is coming home. It is the uncertainty of whether he is in danger that I have the hard time with.
2. I went to the dentist. Actually, Thomas and I went to the dentist. And Thomas came away with NO cavities! And for a kid that doesn’t love brushing his teeth, it was amazing. I wasn’t worried going in, but I might have to have a root canal redone and major work done. Boo. It all depends on what the damage is, but of course they won’t know that until they go in to find out. So it could be a simple procedure, or it could be several thousand dollars. UGH.
3. I went for a long run on Saturday only to have to stop 30 minutes in because my calf was throbbing, and I could barely walk. It was so discouraging. My race is in 5 weeks, so until the race I am taking it easy, and only running. I am going to attempt the long run again on Saturday. This run is long enough, that if I can finish it, I feel confident that I can run the entire half marathon. Wish me luck.
4. I’ve been journaling. Have you ever tried it? It has been incredibly therapeutic for me, and has helped me a lot. I have googled “Journal Prompts for improving body image” and “journal prompts for a more intentional life” and so far so good. My friend also suggested gratitude prompts. I love it.
5. I’m wearing my llama tights today. That brings me joy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.

Love you. Mean it.

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Aimee said...

Llama tights would bring me joy too!