When life hands you a rainbow sweater, you wear it with red lipstick.

It’s Thursday night at 7:00. I’m tired and ready for bed. It’s been a long week. Kind of emotional, kind of awesome, and kind of rough.

1. Most importantly-Ben is coming home this weekend. So that is very exciting.
2. Due to everything that is happening in the world right now, Ben’s leave has been canceled. Which means, I can no longer go run my race at Disney World. I will have to find another race to run. I am disappointed, but its going to be alright.
3. I have to have a root canal redone tomorrow. I’m not excited about it. If it works, I will be extremely happy. If not, I will have to spend thousands to fix it. So lets hope tomorrow is successful.
4. I have one more week of my month of no social media.
5. I think I only have four. I think I am done. I am ready for bed. I am ready for Ben to be home.

I hope that everybody has had a great day.

Love you. Mean it.

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