Bad news. Good news.

Last week was rough for us. Last Tuesday our computer crashed. We called Dell and I was on the phone for almost five hours. It was horrible. We had to erase our operating system and reload a new one. We lost all of our pictures, music, everything. I was super sad because I had started a collection of recipes from my family including a recipe for my Grandma's amazing chocolate frosting. So sad. So we reloaded it, and the computer worked for approximately 20 minutes when it did it again. AGGGHHH!!!! This time I had Ben take care of it. The guy at Dell, which Ben couldn't understand, told him to erase the everything. Unfortunately we did not have what we needed to reload everything...anyway we had to wait for the next four days for the disk to arrive. Five hours later we have our computer back. Hopefully the problem will be fixed.

The good news now. On my first birthday after we were married, Ben gave me a ring that had little diamonds along the top. Two weeks ago, one of the diamonds fell out. We were both really sad, so he said that we could get another one, and I suggested that we get it for our anniversary. Last week when Ben came home he asked me to get him a drink of water. Of course I did, but I was giving him a bit of a hard time. I opened the cupboard and there was a bag from Tiffany!! He bought me a beautiful band. Man he won!!! It was an awesome surprise. He knows what can buy my love. Anyway...he is awesome and I am so excited. I now wear it as a wedding band. I even received a compliment for it at the mall...very nice.


Anja said...

lucky! How fun, what a great husband you have! oh, and about the computer problem, you just need to get a MAC!!

Emily said...

my computer's days are numbered. it growls at me and i got the "blue screen of DEATH" a few days ago. i'm trying to back everything up every now and then onto an external drive. i hope that the probs are resolved and that you can get stuff back eventually.
ben is such a sweet husband! what a nice surprise, and thats cool the way he got you good! i'm excited to see you all soon!

Liz said...

That is so fun about the ring! You are lucky to have a great husband that spoils you! LOL I am sure he scored some major brownie points with that one!