New Jersey

We took our house hunting trip this weekend to New Jersey. It was a four hour trip, and Jackson was great in the car. He slept most of the way which was great at the time, but that night when he was up until 11:30 it wasn't so great. We took him to the hotel pool which was a lot of fun. He liked it, but it only lasted a few minutes because it was pretty cold.
The Hunt
We started our search close to where Ben's office is going to be, which is in New Jersey, just outside of New York City. We found a two-bedroom apartment that was very small on top of a chiropractor's office for $1500 a month! We looked in other places and it just wasn't that great. No where that Jack and I would feel comfortable walking around the town by ourselves. The next day we decided to look a further out. We had to get out about twenty miles before we liked what we saw. We did find a place, and we are very excited about it. Unfortunately, we are living about 40 miles away (an hour commute) from Ben's office, but with traffic, even if we lived close he would spend that much time in traffic. So, it should work out well. It is a pretty big apartment. The building is from the early 1900's so it has a lot of character, all wood floors and nine foot ceilings. The little town is quaint, and there is a lake a block away. It is going to be great. There is another family that we know out there, so that makes it even better. So, we were successful on our trip.
On our way home, we decided to drive through Manhattan which was really cool. We are looking forward to being close to NYC. I was particularly excited when I saw all of the shopping!!!

Driving into NYC!

I always picture steam coming out of the streets, and taxis when I think of NYC.

Jack and mom swimming!

Jack and dad sitting on the pool steps.


Anja said...

How fun that you are moving to NJ! I love it out east! When are you going?

Dusty said...

Jack is so cute! He honestly is the perfect little combination of both of you. That is awesome that you are moving to New Jersey, I hope everything with the move goes smoothly!