Our Little Jack

Little Jack just passed his nine month mark! He has made our little family so much more complete. I really love having him around. For me, it took a while to warm up to him, but the people that I love most in my life took me awhile to figure out that I really loved them, so he just fits in that much more. Jackson makes me so happy.
Both Ben and I just watch him in amazement. We love watching him discover things for the first time. Ben loves it when he falls asleep in his arms. I love when I go in after a nap and he is excited to see me. Or my new favorite, his mama mumbles. I don't think he is actually saying mama, but I'll pretend.

Jackson's favorites:
Right now Jack loves exploring...he loves the vacuum, the bathroom, opening cupboards, unloading the dishwasher, and being outside.
Food: Cheerios
Song: ABC's-on a good day he sings along.
Book: Diez Pequenas Mariquitas (10 Little Ladybugs in Espanol)
Animal: Dog-he gets hyper whenever he sees one, then gets nervous when they are near.

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